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"SMTBw menjadi sekolah yang cemerlang dalam bidang akademik, kemahiran(skills) dan kokurikulum, yang mampu meghasilkan lulusan yang boleh berdikari, berkualiti dan berilmu pengetahuan serta tahu menggunakan ilmu untuk kerja yang produktif dan profesional."


"Mewujudkan sistem persekolahan yang terbaik untuk meghasilkan insan yang seimbang dan harmonis yang dapat memenuhi aspirasi dan kehendak agama, bangsa dan negara"

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    RULES: New Member pls READ before POSTING!!!!!


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    RULES: New Member pls READ before POSTING!!!!!

    Post  Odeq on Sat May 03, 2008 9:58 am

    General Rules:

    1. This forum is a starting point for a physical club that we are still discussing. It is a base for members to share experience, ask questions about their cars or other cars, discuss everything under the sun, as long as it DOES NOT provoke others be it on religious matters, political views or general provocations. We are here to be friends and expend our social circle, not to make enemy.

    2. This club is governed by a group of moderators and all moderator have the right to review, post, move or delete any posting that members put up in the forum.

    3. Members should not use vulgar words, or demeaning posts, or provoke others within this forum. Any member caught doing so might risk their membership being terminated and barred from the forum.

    4. Members should not encourage gang activities or illegal activities within the forum i.e trying to recruit gang members.

    5. The prefferred language would be English & Malay, as this is a multiracial forum. Apart from it, it can also improve our use of language. However, minimise the use of abbreviation, local dialects or slang as it might not be understood by others.

    6. For those members who use the forum for advertising their goods and services, use it to gain legal income and do not cheat. Members who wanted to buy such products also need to be thruthful. If you already agreed to buy something, take it and pay.

    7. This is a free forum. However, after we already set up a club, minimal donations might be imposed. We are also going to collect some donations for activities, when the need arised, like for BBQ TT (TT = Teh Tarik = lepak) or buka puasa.

    8. From time to time, founders would organised TTs or gatherings. However, it is not founders' exclusive rights as members can also initiate TTs or gatherings and post it in the forum.

    9. Members can also promote events outside of the forum like reunion in the forum.

    10. Members are not allowed to bring personal matters against other rmembers in the forum. This is not your bedroom or lounge at home. If you want to shout to each other, use the phone, better that way. Other members or the public sould not be dragged into your personal matters and be unwilling witnesses.

    11. Founders have the right to remind, reprimind or tell members to behave. But, it is better for members to check themselves before they post anything that might hurt other people's feelings. Hey, if you don't like others to step on your shoes, take care of your own feets, where it goes.




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